Insurances and Reinsurances

Medical exams

The capacity of attending the whole national territory is one of our most important differentials. It means keeping teams of nurses and doctors, as the insurer demands, always ready to act and to manage the most diverse types of clinical and laboratory tests.

To perform the laboratory tests, we work in alliance with the Soulab Medicina Diagnóstica. Among the exams performed are: blood, urine, PSA (prostate), HIV and detection of drugs and nicotine in the body. We also have partnerships to carry out the electrocardiograms, echocardiograms and ergometric tests.

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Insurances and Reinsurances

Personal Medical Report

Upon the declaration of a disease, and at the request of the insurer, our health professionals contact the proponent’s doctor to obtain detailed information on their clinical and health conditions. The contact is always made with the prior authorization of the proponent.

The obtained information will aid the preparation of the Personal Medical Report that will be sent to the insurer.

The greatest advantage of this service is the quality of the information obtained, since it results from a dialogue between health professionals, therefore increasing the security and reliability of the data collected, which are recorded in a specific report and then sent to the insurer by e-mail (in a PDF file).

In case a proponent presents more than one disease to be investigated, our team maintains contact with all the doctors responsible for the treatments to detail the process of subscription.

Insurances and Reinsurances

Medical Opinion

The gathering of health information from the proponents, through the accomplishment of medical and laboratory tests and the Tele-Underwriting, is one of the specializations built in our trajectory of three decades of operation.

The information obtained in these activities are fundamental elements for a careful analysis of the risks associated with the health conditions of each proponent, resulting in more assertive decisions.

From this work, results the Medical Opinion, a document that subsidizes the insurer in the process of acceptance/refusal or aggravation of the proposal. The Medical Opinion always takes into consideration the guidelines of the insurers, according to the classification of risks practiced by each them.

Insurances and Reinsurances


Among the innovative services we have implemented over the years, the Tele-Underwriting stands out for its use of state-of-the-art technology and by its ability to provide insurers with agile and secure information, essential tools for a faster and more accurate evaluation of health risks associated with the proponent and for the effectiveness of the subscription process.

It is a telephone interview made upon an intelligent questionnaire, whose answers will form the medical profile of the proponent. The whole conversation is conducted by nursing professionals qualified to conduct the process.

The Tele-Underwriting can be activated as soon as a sales agent finalizes a proposal and submits it for analysis. The questionnaire is designed to cover the most diverse needs of the insurer, including customization in the composition of the content of the questions. The answers may even lead to a request for specific exams.

Thanks to its high added value, Tele-Underwriting has changed the way of conducting the subscription process when it comes to measuring health risks and the criteria for accepting/rejecting a proponent based on their health profile and to “aggravate” or not the contract.

In addition of being a trend in insurance, in its various modalities, such as health, individual life, group life, serious illness and temporary incapacity, Tele-Underwriting can also be a strategic tool for other segments, such as banks and credit institutions, particularly in lending operations and financing for the acquisition of goods.



Agility - Sua solução inteligente em Seguros

Quickness, reliability and sophistication. These are some attributes of Agility, an innovative tool that presents itself as a low-cost and high-performance option for risk assessment and policy acceptance by customers.

With Agility, the process is 100% digital. The proponent responds to an online medical questionnaire, prepared out of customized parameters, and, at the end, the insurer already receives the feedback automatically.

The information and statistics generated by Agility also enable customers to better understand their portfolio, which can result, for an example, on the suitability of the services and the creation of new products.

Other benefits stand out, like the improvement of the consumer experience and the sales channels.

By means of this pioneering technology in Brazil, it is possible to achieve an automatic acceptance of up to 80% of cases.

Agility also suggests complementary procedures, such as the Tele-Underwriting, exams and the Personal Medical Report.

With its innovative technical features, which combines technological intelligence, low costs and flexibility for the subscription process, Agility is also an effective solution for other segments, such as health insurance, lender insurance and education insurance, and can also be easily made available by brokers, banks and online platforms.

Insurances and Reinsurances

Training for Subscribers

Our repertoire of solutions as service providers also covers the development and offering of underwriting training to professionals of insurance and reinsurance companies.

Based on the most up-to-date underwriting manuals, short- and medium-term courses benefits from our vast experience in the risk analysis segment, making it possible to offer differentiated earnings by mortality.

The trainings are focused on topics that are experienced day-to-day in the underwriting activity, such as psychiatric, endocrinological, cardiological, neurological and gastrointestinal disorders.

Scheduling for insurance and reinsurance

Scheduling for insurance and reinsurance

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