The Company

We have been operating for more than 30 years as service providers and integrated solution providers that make the health analysis and the risk management processes more efficient.

Meanwhile, we consolidated technical knowledge and excellence that have made us a reference in the branch of attending insurance and reinsurance companies and national and international shipping companies and airlines.
Intelligence, agility, innovation, low costs, customized solutions and automation are competitive differentials that drive our work and have formed our credibility.

We have a multidisciplinary team, made up of professionals from the medical, biomedical, nursing and IT areas. Headquartered in São Paulo, we operate throughout Brazil and, also, can provide services in South America.

Among our specializations are clinical and laboratory exams, medical evaluation of insurance proponents, admission examinations for crew members and health interviews for candidates willing to work abroad as an au pair.

To the insurance segment, we offer innovative tools, services and products to support the underwriting activity, ensuring speed, transparency and qualified information for risk analysis and assertiveness and efficiency in the selection of bidders and the composition of portfolios.

With a strong presence in life insurance, we also develop competencies in specific health modalities, such as serious diseases and temporary incapacity, besides the care of banks and credit institutions.

Mission and Values

Our corporate principles are in tune with our evolutionary stage as an organization that acts to serve customers, respects and values employees while maintaining ethical and transparent interaction with society.

As a result, we have consolidated new statements for our Mission and Institutional Values:


Provide integrated, innovative and tailor-made solutions to customers, providing effective ways of managing health-related risks.


  • • Boldness
  • • Responsibility
  • • Joy
  • • Constant learning
  • • Diversity
  • • Sense of serving
  • • Transparency

Network of Providers

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Our network of service providers is recognized for its excellence and expert service.

We offer specific and qualified training, which is always available to our partners.

If you are a doctor, a nurse or a laboratory, become part of our team.

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